Thursday, 6 March 2008

Routes Nomades - France 2008

Whilst the Liverpool date is still unlikely, lovers of Khoomei should remember that Europe is only an Easyjet away and Routes Nomades now have the dates for the French performances of Tserendavaa and Tsogtgerel online.

As consolation, Europe's capital of culture can look forward to a visit by the utterly inimitable Mike West and Katie Euliss - the phenomenal Truckstop Honeymoon, who will be performing at the Walk the Plank theatre boat in Canning Dock on Thursday 22nd May, tickets probably to be on sale at Probe and Frets soonish. As the great Chinggis Khan himself would probably say, this is a concert that you cannot afford to miss.

Ulaanbaanjo junkies who have been sending me literally several messages demanding that I start blogging again may well be among the upwards of four people to have clicked onto the ineffable delights of According to the Ninth, wherein I ruminate, cogitate and pontificate on various subjects assisted by 23 tattered volumes and the index of the 9th Edition of Encyclopaedia Britannica. People are already likely to be starting to say that According to the Ninth represents a new and hitherto unanticipated pinnacle of excellence in the field of arbitrary opinionationizing. Chinggis, Khublai, Danzan Ravjaa and all the Wrathful Deities would doubtless join me in urging you to read According to the Ninth right now, without any forbearance or delay.