Thursday, 22 March 2007

Useful Information

I'm conscious, monitoring the traffic to this blog, that I am not always providing the answers that people are looking for when google drops them here. To remedy this, here are the answers to a few recent searches that weren't for Jon Ronson:

1. Who stopped Genghis Khan?
Nobody stopped Genghis Khan! He had a heart attack, or something: in which case it may well be that buuz stopped Genghis Khan. His sons continued to enlarge his empire.

2. Income of a Mongolian teacher
I think it's about $100 a month in state schools (may well be less, especially outside UB) $200 - $400 in private (mostly at lower end). Not a hell of a lot.

3. Listening to mp3 during school hours lower grades
If I have any say in the matter, yes.

4. How much does the fattest dog in the world weigh?
That's a very good question, I hope you found the answer: that kind of question is exactly what the internet is for.

5. What an ESL Teacher should know
See answer to 4 above, then get back to me if you find out, urgently.

6. 11th grade English vocab sheet
They should know it all by now, they certainly claim to. Discombobulate, fractious, defenestrate, nutria, erstwhile, fecund, etc. Better still, make words up: that'll larn 'em.

7. Napoleon ate horse meat
I should imagine so: most obviously because he's French; spent a lot of time on horses (crossing the Alps etc); and horse meat is very good cold and sustains you well.

8.Why I musn't be disruptive in class
This exact same search has hit me four times, from different cities in the US. I am assuming that the student has been set the essay to write as a punishment, and then had the gall to surf the web looking for an essay to cut & paste. What is happening to education? Your details have been entered into an international database of unrepentant plagiarists, shame on you.


ken said...

No searches for "Phonetic representation of Mongolian translation of Little Cabin Home on the Hill"???


Anonymous said...

Here are some basic historical facts about Genghis Khan:

Genghis Khan ,(Chinggis Khan), is one of history’s greatest leaders.During his lifetime, he conquered more territory than any other conqueror and established the largest contiguous empire in world history.Today his legacy continues in Asia,Mongols today celebrate him as the founding father of more