Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Apple Praised and Censured, Divine Intervention, Teachers' Day

Tuesday 30th January 2007
Just to reassure those of you who may have been thinking of starting up a crisis fund to help me out of my recent technical difficulties - my iBook eventually recovered, through its own mysterious means. No damage done - although the date on the calendar was mysteriously changed to 1970. I should also post my apologies to Project Gutenberg and the author(s) of the King James Bible - it seems that iTunes and its system-choking Album Artwork feature were the source of my processing meltdown.

Furthermore, I was paid in full by my dear Turkish friend, thanks, apparently, to the good grace of Allah, who saw to it that the school managed to sell some text books. I am reluctant, however, to have future remuneration dependent on the intervention of the deity. Some heated words were regretably spoken last night, but, cash in my pocket, I don't hold any hard feelings.

Meanwhile, Thursday will be "Teachers' Day" for which all kinds of exciting activities have been planned at a ger-restaurant outside the city. I can't reveal much about the planned activities as the meeting I was required to attend today for my 'team'(?) at the forthcoming festivities was held entirely in Mongolian and - presumably to allow me the thrill of surprise - noone bothered to translate any of it. Watch this space.

Weather report: Conditions have been sub-tropical: Saturday was a sweltering -6c with a breeze that I would have sworn was balmy. This has cleared the smog, although since Saturday there has been a bit of a bite in the air again.